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Oneida Aero 6 Piece Hostess and Serving Set

SKU: T634006A

BARCODE: 079360000200

Oneida Aero pattern Dynamic and Flawless Take Flight. This spotless, structured pattern has a fluid air and mirrored finish that is streamlined and agile. Subtle design elements heighten the level of sophistication of this pattern. Aero fuses contemporary chic with...

Oneida Arktos 6 Piece Hostess & Serving Set

SKU: F027006A

BARCODE: 079363001795

Oneida Arktos pattern A Contemporary Presentation. Streamlined and stylish, Arktos will add a pop of modern poise to your table décor. Each handle features a Satin finish from square tip end to neck, opening up into gleaming high mirror bowls...

Oneida Aurora 6 Piece Hostess & Serving Set

SKU: T803006A

BARCODE: 078737193968

Oneida Aurora pattern Graceful. Versatile. Sophisticated. Aurora pleases the eye with graceful curves and lustrous two-tone finish. The raised central panel is detailed with a soft florentine finish. It is then framed and highlighted with a brightly polished edge that...

Oneida Castellina 6 Piece Hostess and Serving Set

SKU: T062006A

BARCODE: 078737216650

Oneida Castellina pattern A Distinctive Design. Triple bands encase a gentle taper above an embossed leaf design that scrolls over the textured, square tip handle. Highly polished headpieces create an attractive contrast to the oxidized handle and add to the...

Oneida Classic Pearl 6 Piece Hostess & Serving Set

SKU: T357006A

BARCODE: 079363003065

Oneida Classic Pearl pattern Cultivated Sophistication. With a pearl-like strand gracing the squared tip end of the handle, this pattern is understated and ageless. A seamless hi-luster finish covers the sleek contour of Classic Pearl, sure to make it a...

Oneida Danube 6 Piece Hostess & Serving Set

SKU: T494006A

BARCODE: 078737099772

Oneida Danube pattern Elements of Greek architecture give dimension and depth to the bright handle of this classic Oneida design. Beading, bands and flutes, commonly found on columns in ancient Greece, are equally impressive on this fine flatware. Oneida is...

Oneida Dickinson 6 Piece Hostess & Serving Sets

SKU: 2155006A

BARCODE: 078737060611

Dressy. Dignified. Dimensional. Delight in the details of this fully-dimensional flatware. Flutes, scrolls, beads and bands culminate in an ornate cap at the end of Dickinson's s rich, satiny handle. Feel the difference in this formal design. 18/10 Stainless Steel...

Oneida Dover 6 Piece Hostess and Serving Set

SKU: 2766006A

BARCODE: 079363003102

Oneida Dover pattern Natural Elegance. Tendrils of blossoms and leaves scroll up the sculpted handle's edge, leaving the shining mirrored finish of the handle center gleaming and unadorned. The decorative edging concludes delicately at the narrow point, opening up into...

Oneida Easton 6 Piece Hostess and Serving Set

SKU: 2267006A

BARCODE: 079363003119

Oneida Easton pattern Long, Lean and Clean. This pattern is current yet able to be paired with a more traditional setting. With its high shine, bolstered handle with rounded square tip end and easy elegance, Easton is pure and precise....

Oneida Frost 6 Piece Hostess and Serving Set

SKU: 2649006A

BARCODE: 078737903048

Oneida Frost pattern Uncomplicated Sophistication. A modern mingling of high style and high-caliber craftsmanship, Frost is a quintessential modern pattern. Wide, brightly polished headpieces sit atop two-tone handles, embellished with simple, geometric elements that set Frost apart as a contemporary...

Oneida Huntington 6 Piece Hostess & Serving Set - USA Made



pierced serving spoon, solid serving spoon, serving fork, butter knife, sugar spoon, ladle

Oneida Interlude 6 Piece Hostess and Serving Set

SKU: T227050A

BARCODE: 078737028536

Oneida Interlude pattern Grounded in Grace. The symmetrically ridged edging of Interlude surrounds a muted satin finish handle center. Curvy silhouette and raised banding at the narrow point also add to the tactile quality of each piece. The full handle...

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Great deal

Was so glad to find these spoons to match my set

Great way to add stainless pieces!

I was very happy to find pieces that I wanted to add to my Oneida Sheraton stainless flatware at Finest Flatware. The price was fair, and the shipping charges were reasonable. Thank you!

Good value

I was looking for heavier flatware and these are great. Well priced.

Excellent quality

This flatware set is everything I wanted. The quality is great and weight is just right. It has a brilliant finish and smooth luxurious feel. I adore the modern design. I know I'll appreciate this for years to come.