Edessa unadorned, sleek and simple. The ideal flatware choice for the purist at heart. This popular design boasts a bright, highly reflective finish. A pattern well suited for contemporary tableware.

Oneida is the #1 brand in flatware/silverware for over 100 years.

  • Made of High Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel. 18% Chromium for durability and 10% nickel for lasting shine
  • Dishwasher safe
  • All glossy pattern

Modern Style . Medium Weight

Included in this 88 Piece Set:

12 Dinner Forks - 8" long The large fork from the 5 piece place set. Used for the entrée course at each meal.

12 Salad Forks - 7" long

12 Dinner Spoons - 7" long The large spoon from the 5 piece place set. Used for soup and cereal.

12 Teaspoons - 6 1/4" long

12 Dinner Knives - 9 1/4" long The knife from the 5 piece place set. Used to cut food and for spreading butter.

12 Steak Knives - 9 1/4" long The knife from the 5 piece place set. Used to cut food and for spreading butter.

12 Round Bowl Spoon Spoons - 6 3'4" long

Pierced Serving Spoon - 9 3/4" long

Serving Spoon - 9 3/4" long

Carving Fork - 10 1/4" long

Carving Knife - 10 1/2" long

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Great price and fast delivery

Love this set! Simplistic in its look which is what I like. The silverware is nicely balanced and you don’t have to worry about bending. Had same set in satin but was missing some pieces. This was one of the few places that carried the style. Last set looked as good as when I bought it. Gave old set to my daughter. She said she can see the difference compared to what she had been using.

Great tablewear at a great price!

Oneida is great tablewear and I am impressed with the quality and great package pricing for an 88 piece set. I don’t think you can go wrong with this!

Oneida silverware

Fast shipment, nice weight and simple elegant pattern. Great price for complete set of service for 12.

Simple Elegant Flatware

With sale/discount, I purchased better quality 18/10 flatware at a 18/00 price.

Elegant and beautiful flatware set

This is a really lovely flatware set. It is a nice medium weight set. I was thrilled that the 12 piece seeing set also came with 12 soup spoons and steak knives. Finest Flatware shipped quickly and the flatware was nicely packaged.

Oneida Edessa Mirror 88 Piece 18/10 Stainless Fine Flatware Set, Service for 12

Oneida Edessa Mirror 88 Piece 18/10 Stainless Fine Flatware Set, Service for 12

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Beautiful Silverware

Had been wanting new silverware for a while but never got around to looking. A rental cottage had this set and we loved it. Simple yet elegant design, nicely weighted and balanced in the hand with a beautiful finish. A bit of searching on the web led me to the site. Great price and fast service; it arrived shortly after we returned home.

Anniversary Gift for the Steel Year

I bought this set as a gift to my wife for our 11th wedding anniversary, the year of steel. Meets my expectations, and delighted my wife. Went with Oneida because the company's longevity should allow me to buy me replacements in 30 years. Look forward to the years of use.

Build and finish quality is top notch: no signs of casting or stamping; engravings appear to be part of an additional phase of manufacturing (more costly, but more durable and crisp); well ground and buffed; and knives are quite sharp. A crude deflection test (pushing with my thumbs on the fork prongs), showed no yield. The "hammer" dimples, are uniform between matching pieces, indicating they are part of the cast or stamp, and not a separate process. The dimples do not look like a typical ball peen, so it does lower expectations in that regard, but only to a cynic like me.

The design is luxurious, without being gaudy. The dimples with the polish, can give the impression of jewel facets or reflections of a pool. These are well balanced, sitting well in hand and on the edge of bowl and plates. The profile is on the flatter side, allowing for better stacking in a shallow drawer.

The price of this set was much higher than the average Oneida, likely because it is advertised as a "hammered" finish, giving the impression of more labor intensive process. Without a side-by-side comparison of other Oneida designs, it's hard to say the premium is justified. Nonetheless, I feel that I got my money's worth.

On that note, Finest Flatware was terrific to purchase through, even as an employee of Amazon! Arrived in time to surprise my wife with a fully stocked drawer. The promo-code Finest provided on the duckduckgo search results, on top of the already good price, left me feeling like I took advantage of this company. Will definitely buy from them again.

I am so happy to have my entire set of silverware again!!! Seems as though the grandkids might have thrown them in trash. Received my order promptly. Will tell my friends. Thank you!


The prettiest silverware I’ve ever seen. Even more so in person than online.

Louisiana Teaspoons

5Stars for quality and Wonderful, fast service